Hot Runner Temperature Controller – HMTC – Per Zone


Precision Hot-Runner Temperature Control for Optimal Plastic Injection Molding Results.

We have the best hot runner temperature, controller. Our controllers are made with the highest quality components, and they are able to maintain very accurate temperatures. This ensures that your molten plastic is always properly heated and that you get the best results possible from your molds. With its precision temperature control, it ensures that your system runs perfectly and at the correct temperature. With its easy-to-use interface and wide range of compatibility, it is the perfect choice for any hot runner system.

Our Hot-Runner Temperature Controller is the best on the market. It is reliable and precise, ensuring your hot runners are always running at the correct temperature. With our controller, you can rest assured that your products will be produced with consistency and quality.


Function description

With FUZZY PIDD control technology, when haven’t set PID parameters, it can auto to adapt to any heating models and greatly improve work efficiency.

To prevent the influence of ambient temperature during measurement, Use inner and outer rings to dynamic track the ambient temperature. Cold compensation with thermistor of the outer ring, Dynamical removing the ambient influence to measuring circuit by the precision voltage of inner ring. make the control measure more precision

A controller can easily detect T/C reversed or T/C Open and will be operated according to error information and control mode when detected problems.

  • Heater current monitor
  • Soft start function
  • Temperature Deviation Alarms
  • Manual output mode
  • Non-touch transfer
  • Overall error indicator, easy to find error reason
  • Output module rating 15A per Point
  • Simple intuitive and humanize operating interface
  • Plug module design for easy maintenance
  • External radiator for high efficient dissipates heater



    • Ambient temperature:32℉ to 131℉(0℃ to 55℃)
    • Relative humidity:10%-95%
    • Delivery temperature:-40℉ to 158℉(-40℃ to 70℃)
    • Power supply: AC185V-245V,50/60HZ
    • T/C type: J/K
    • Temperature Unit:℃/℉
    • Temperature control scope:45℃ to 550℃
    • Temperature test precision:+3%
    • Repeat temperature measure precision:+0.1%
    • Temperature stable precision:+0.5%
    • T/C cooling compensation:  Dynamic tracking
    • Noise restrain: common mode rejection ratio>100DB
    • Sample frequency:10HZ(100mS)
    • One point load:15A
    • F1,F2,F3,F4:250V-15A(special fuse)


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