Hot Runner Temperature Controller – DXC-ETC – Per Zone


Temperature Accuracy is Key for Optimal Hot Runner Performance.

Hot-Runner Temperature Controller is the perfect temperature controller for any hot runner system. With its precision temperature control, it ensures that your system runs perfectly and at the correct temperature. Our controllers are reliable, durable, and accurate. They provide a consistent temperature and prevent hot spots, which can damage your products.

Our controllers are made with the highest quality components, and they are able to maintain very accurate temperatures. This ensures that your molten plastic is always properly heated and that you get the best results possible from your molds.


Control Principle

A temperature controller is a facility to constantly keeps the temperature that the
controlled object needs. It mainly detects the hot runner’s temperature by the intelligent
computer chip (MCU), then processes internal data by the intelligent computer, output
appropriate current, thus achieving temperature control. The precision and stability of
temperature control mainly depends on the following factors:

1) Temperature measurement: The sampling cycle parameters, data filter processing,
temperature compensation of measuring circuit, etc;

2) PID control: Via the output current proportion reflected by regulation and control, the
relative parameters have the proportion phase, integral time, and derivative time;

3) Auto-regulation: To provide the functions of its leading factors by analyzing the
the capacitance of the heater and the thermal constant of mold, with latent hydraulic and heat
dispersion. So it can control temperature precisely no matter how the environment

Card Basic Specifications

  • Ambient temp: 32℉ to 131℉(0℃ to 55℃)
  • Relative humidity: 10%-95%
  • Transmit temp: -40℉ to 158℉(-40℃ to 70℃)
  • System grounding insulation Voltage: 1200VDC
  • Supply power: AC185V-245V, 50/60HZ
  • Sensor type: J/K
  • Temp unit: ℃/℉
  • Temp control: 45℃ to 550℃
  • Temp test Precision: +1%
  • Repeat test precision: +0.1%
  • Temp stability: +0.5%
  • T/C cold junction compensation: Dynamic tracking
  • Noise rejection: CMRR>100DB
  • Sampling frequency: 10HZ(100mS)
  • Point Load: 15A, 3500W/220V or 1650W/110V


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